Nikolenko Yuriy Ivanovich   - Ph.D. Kharkov Medical Institute, Department of Hospital Therapy.

He graduated from the Physics and Mathematics School, in 1984 he graduated from Kharkov Medical Institute. He worked as a therapist in the Kharkov regional hospital (based on hospital therapy of HMI, then in the 26th hospital on the basis of hospital therapy of HMI), and at the same time he studied at the Department of Physiotherapy and Balneology at the Kharkov Institute for the Improvement of Doctors (work in biophysics).

In 1988 he moved to work in Cyprus.

In 1989 he opened with his wife the doctor - pediatrician Crystal Chakli - Nikolenko "Y & C Institute of Medical Rehabilitation ltd." Cyprus.

In 1995 he finished his doctoral thesis.

Throughout the activity, in parallel with the treatment of patients, he actively engaged in the introduction of new types of treatment, new treatment regimens for the most serious diseases (including hepatitis, chronic herpes Zoster, tick-borne encephalitis (Lyme disease), scleroderma, encephalitis, poisoning with organic and inorganic substances. ...

Currently, the Y & C Institute of Medical Rehabilitation ltd is a modern medical clinic called Medinstitut.

The clinic employs the strongest doctors of Cyprus and Europe.

Well trained medical staff ...

The clinic treats patients from more than 40 countries of the world.

In our plans until 2019 to prepare personnel for the sanatorium resort program .....