Cardiovascular Disorder (1 case study)

Case Study: Treatment of Ischemic heart disease and severe coronary artery disease (atherosclerosis) with ozone therapy.


Patient K.K., 77 years old suffered from ischemic heart disease 3rd stage and atherosclerotic blockage of all 4 coronary vessels. The patient was diagnosed 16 years ago and had undergone 4 by-pass surgeries.

Around 3 years back during a routine examination, coronary blockages were found to have redeveloped. The patient could not undergo another heart surgery due to to his age (74 years).


The patient underwent 12 sessions of high density intravenous ozone in our institute. At the end of the therapy, he started feeling better and decided to join our specialized treatment program for atherosclerosis. He was advised to repeat every 6 months, 10-12 sessions of high density ozone therapy.  

Post-treatment and Results

Following 2 years of treatment the patient's condition improved signifficantly. The angiography results showed no significant pathological processes.