Herpes Zoster (2 case studies)

Case Study A: Treatment of Herpes Zoster with Ozone Therapy (Body)


44 year old male came to our institute with complaints of strong and sharp pain on lower abdominal area, spinal, hips and back of thighs. The patient had diagnonsed 2 years before with chronic herpes zoster (resistant to virucides). The pain was increased when he was moving and when he was slight touching the problematic areas. At the same time, several anaesthetic drugs have little or no effect on him. The patient also was complaining of sleep deprivation (due to the pain).

At our first consultation, he appeared to be nervous about his medical condition and admited consuming a bottle of alchohol every day to relieve the pain and be able to sleep.

Physical examination

The skin of the patient had herpetic lesions at the affected sites with notable brown colour on them

Results for Case Study A:

Case Study B: Treatment of Herpes Zoster with Ozone Therapy (Face)


75 years old female came to our medical center with complaints of sharp pain on the right side of her face. What is more, she was not able to see from her right eye due to the fact that whole right side was affected. Also, she was feeling strong pain at her right side of the mouth and she could not talk properly due to this. Also she had pain on the right side of her neck and the auricular region.

Physical examination

The right side of face and neck had herpetic lesions and her mouth and tongue had ulcerative wounds. Patient was experiencing strong pain by slight touching or pressing the affected areas. Also apnoea was noticable (due to the pain) and furthermore she was not able to for her to open her right eye.

Results for Case Study B:

Treatment for Both Cases (A&B)

High dosage ozone therapy administered to the patients, for a period of 15 days.

Treatment Summary - Results 

  • Day 1 to day 3- pain is relieved completely
  • Day 4 to day 15, same dosage of ozone therapy but once a day only.
  • Skin lesions – all completely cleared by the 15th day of the treatment.
  • No pain is felt even on deep touch or pressure application at the affected sites.
  • Mouth and tongue ulcers completely healed by the end of treatment.
  • Right eye in patient B is functioning like the left eye.
  • On the 30th day of treatment completely clinical recovery was observed.
  • Only remnants of pigmentation remained at the affected sites.

There has been no residive in the patients for the last 10 years since they received treatment.