AIDS can be combated by ozone!


Everyone knows that purification of water running in your house taps, or gurgling in your swimming pool is conducted using chlorine or ozone. It means that ozone kills harmful microbes and viruses, decomposes toxic substances, and decomposes organic and non-organic waste. And now imagine that your body is one large, rather polluted swimming pool, cleaning it using ozone.

Ozone does not affect our cells because ever since the time of a fetus, our tissues use oxygen that is carried with blood from mother through a combined circulatory system. After the first inhale of an infant, its body gets oxygen from the atmosphere through the lungs.

Atomic oxygen, or ozone, varies only by the number of atoms. Oxygen has two, while ozone has three. When ozone is infused intravenously in a certain concentration, it produces a strong very efficient curing effect. It kills microbes and viruses (the third atom re-oxidizes the fragment of virus RNA and it dies). No other drug can compete with it in the effect produced on a virus (the virus partially “dissolves”), and there are almost no complications.

Treating viruses with Ozone

It gives us more opportunities in treating virus diseases. The quality rises significantly, if you consider that after treatment by other drugs (quite toxic ones, by the way), the virus still stays in the body and can be waiting for its chance to cause relapses. Further, their exacerbation can cause autoimmune diseases, cancer of various organs, all kinds of transformations, decay and total destruction of cells (Alzheimer’s disease…). It should also be noted that ozone dissolves cholesterol plaques in vessels, dead cells and different toxic waste that enter the body with food, while breathing or through skin (during bites), etc.

However, let us get back to viruses (mostly since they are one of the gravest dangers for human life) and give examples of ozone therapy. Let us start with treating the chronic form of herpes zoster. In short, herpes zoster is the worst disease that can be observed even visually, thus literally seeing its dynamics (we also use a thermal vision scope for diagnosis and more thorough studying of process dynamics). Having selected a suitable dose, we start infusing ozone dissolved in physiological solution intravenously through a drip.

After the treatment is finished, full cure is always achieved (we have been applying ozone therapy for this disease for the last eighteen years and we have not seen a single relapse after our treatment). By now about 300 patients have been successfully treated in our institute.


At present, the head of dermatology department Dr. Valentina Y. Nikolenko is in charge of it at our Institute. You can see some results in “Results” section of our website. She is currently treating scleroderma, and we are confident to say that everything is going excellent by now (we did not even expect such results when we started this treatment). There is probably some kind of a hidden virus in this process as well, which we kill. The same can be said about all existing hepatitis viruses (research continues, but you can view some of the results on our website). Excellent results were also received for patients with tick encephalitis (full cure).

According to the doctors of our Institute, there is no virus that cannot be defeated by ozone.
AIDS or Ebola virus are much easier to kill than all the above viruses. (For instance, different viruses of acute respiratory diseases, influenza, etc. are cured during two-four days; we believe that both AIDS and Ebola will die within a week.)