How Ozone helps cancer patients during treatment.


Having cancer is always a tragedy for a patient. No matter what character, localization, and disease phase it is, it should always be regarded very seriously. The main responsibility in treating cancer is taken by an oncologist who carries out examination, diagnoses, evaluates how the process goes, selects treatment regime and provides prognosis. By the law of the World Health Organization, a patient can get all of these fully and free of charge in cancer clinics in most countries of the world.

The treatment mostly consist of surgical removal of the tumour with metastases, and if possible, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Taking such treatments is a challenge for the body, since in most cases there is post-treatment toxic syndrome (general weakness, depression, shifting and localized pains, partial organ failure, deterioration of immune system and chronic or acute infectious process). However, according to statistics, the death rates during the last ten years remained the same.

It means that treatment should be intensified. But how?

Alternative Medicine

The so-called “alternative medicine” joins the fight for life. I assume that classical treatment is based on the principle of fighting the tumor itself or its metastases, using chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The principle of “alternative medicine” is combining two phases. The first hits the tumor cells directly, wherever they are located. The second takes into consideration the possible changes in the medium indices of the organism that cause the death of cancer cells, without influencing the activity of healthy cells.

Methods used in alternative medicine:

  • Strong intravenous ozone therapy
  • Oxygen therapy 
  • Xenon therapy 
  • Hyperthermia 
  • Hypothermia 
  • Magnetic therapy 
  • Herbs therapy (they produce a toxic effect on cancer cells) 
  • Poisons therapy in small concentrations (Cuban scorpion poison) 
  • Acupuncture (shocking scheme of Asian countries) 
  • Other kinds of therapies that are mostly widespread in certain locations.

A couple of decades ago English oncologists noticed one peculiarity: patients with medium and severe forms of cancer have low level of oxygen in blood. That is why they tried to increase this rate with the help of hyperbaric therapy. They received positive dynamics; however, the treatment did not receive wide popularity because of the technically complicated process. There are many similar examples, when due to the complicated technique, learning, hard process of producing or storing some medical substance, or a physicochemical process that is difficult to regulate, the method is not adopted in medical facilities.

In our institute, we use highly concentrated ozone, therefore blood oxygen rates grow very quickly, and keep increasing during the whole day.

Our treatment consists of the following phases: First, we destroy the virus by causing a mutation that occurs at the beginning of cancer cells transformation. At the same time, high level of oxygen in blood suppresses the development of cancer cells. A violent oxidation reaction together with “dissolving of breakdown products” takes place after curing the tumor with chemotherapy.