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Portfolio Management

We offer a range of solutions in equity and bond markets for investors in both traditional and sophisticated financial assets. Investors can choose between various strategies designed  by us, ask us to prepare investment portfolios based on their preferences, or offer their own strategy, which we will help to manage and oversee.
Here are some standard strategies that we offer:
  1. Russia and global dividend strategies (including ETFs)
  2. Mixed portfolios with stocks and bonds
  3. Strategies with diversified EM exposure
  4. Fixed income strategies with structured products 
  5. Concentrated exposure to a particular industry via a combination of financial instruments, plus a fixed income component to support and partially hedge performance of the industry index
  6. Global macro strategies via ETFs
Our investment platform includes hedge funds that focus on EM stocks and bonds. Such funds offer unique access to financial markets that are only just beginning to emerge. By investing in these funds in the framework of an individual managed account and structured solutions, investors can build portfolios with diversified exposure to emerging markets, which is hard to replicate using publicly traded financial instruments.